Beauty Haul: Getting to Know Jojoba Oil

In researching oils that are not only good but fantastic for your hair, I came across specific liquid herbs multiple times that stood above the rest. Common ones like Mineral Oil are okay but not great for your hair. A lot of products on the market actually used mineral oil quite frequently in their mixContinue reading “Beauty Haul: Getting to Know Jojoba Oil”

So Long Cat-Eye? Say Hello to the “Puppy Eye” Eyeliner Look

The cat-eye is so ubiquitous in expressing sex appeal as a part of a come hither look, while a trusty go-to, does it sometimes feel a bit ordinary at this point? Even if you haven’t mastered it as much as you’ll like, you get the gist of how to apply it. Fashion editorials are alwaysContinue reading “So Long Cat-Eye? Say Hello to the “Puppy Eye” Eyeliner Look”