7 Beauty Brands to Follow on Instagram

The more popular in usage it got, companies jumped on the Instagram bandwagon as a way to maintain their loyal consumers and lure in new ones. It’s a smart way to connect than just pressuring viewers to the official website, some brands are more fun to troll than others yet most fashion and cosmetic housesContinue reading “7 Beauty Brands to Follow on Instagram”

Beauty Haul: CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Mascara

For awhile, I was iffy about trying CoverGirl’s Flamed Out mascara, which at the time was new during its release back between the end of summer and early fall of this year. For one thing, I could see it was stubby in shape, which made me think the brush was shorter than I would’ve liked.Continue reading “Beauty Haul: CoverGirl’s Flamed Out Mascara”

Let’s Review: Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless mascara

While I’m still mourning the discontinued product of Volum’ Eyes from Rimmel (it was one of their first items to crossover to the U.S.,) I still find this British brand to offer some of the best drugstore mascara on the market.  Not all of their mascaras are amazing like any brand, for example their Scandal-EyesContinue reading “Let’s Review: Rimmel’s Lash Accelerator Endless mascara”