I Was Eclipsin’ Like It Was 1979!

I could’ve sworn there was a solar eclipse sometime in the 1990s. To make sure my memory wasn’t completely failing me, I went to Google to expedite confirmation. A bunch of recognizable sources was listed on the results page and I chose Wikipedia (I know, I KNOW) because I needed some plain English explanation for myContinue reading “I Was Eclipsin’ Like It Was 1979!”

My Sole Memory of New York City’s, Now Closed, Cup & Saucer Diner

by C. Shardae Jobson THE LAVISH REBELLION DINER SERIES   I shouldn’t have jolted when I read the report of Cup & Saucer closing, but I did. While New York City businesses are constantly on the precipice of hanging up “Liquidation” signs, such closings are hard to take when speaking of the same storefronts youContinue reading “My Sole Memory of New York City’s, Now Closed, Cup & Saucer Diner”

My Unfeigned Thoughts About Aleppo

by Shardae “Shae” Kahlo (I originally wrote in the heat of my train of thought, on my cell phone. Please read below). It wasn’t until last night and earlier this morning that the name of #Aleppo, a city in #Syria, became extremely well known to me. I feel ashamed that I knew almost nothing aboutContinue reading “My Unfeigned Thoughts About Aleppo”